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Tiffany's erotic stories and fantasies

I have always fantasised about being transformed in to a latex rubber sex doll.

Clad head to toe in a latex rubber, catsuit, gloves, mask, overgrown breasts etc...
Used in the home as an object, i don't speak - i am just a sex doll after all, just put in to position to pleasure you orally and anally.

Perhaps also taken out to fetish clubs/events, collared, again silent - just available to you and onlookers to give pleasure on the spot - no talking, no noise, no choice - i am just a sex doll after all!

In your home i would be kept in a box , or a wardrobe , only to brought out when needed to be used for sex.

Do you have the means to clothe me? Transform me? Take me in and out of your box/cupboard when you need the service of a sex doll? Possess me ? Control me?

i LOVE this suit below from www.l

*** Tiffany captured and tricked in to becoming a human sex doll ***

I had connected with Master X on a BDSM Fetish contact site.

He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years.
He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in latex – to look like a human doll - and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

He told me he had the same interests but as a Mater/Keeper, naturally.
He sent me his picture in which he was dressed head to toe in latex and was wearing a latex hood.
He had the body of just an average guy but he looked amazing in his latex suit.
Before I agreed to visit him for a play session, i insisted that he sent me his face picture – after all , I needed to be attracted to him and also to see that he did not look like some kind of maniac.
He returned his face picture and he was a very distinguished and handsome man. Probably in his mid 40’s, just like I like them a “Daddy” type.

I arrived at his home in the morning, where he told me that he had his own playroom/dungeon.
He opened the door and he was dressed, just like in his picture, in head to toe latex. All I could see were his dark eyes and his lips/ mouth.

He invited me in and told me “ Tiffany , we are going to take it slow at first , after all , I want you to like me and build trust in me”. “Let me show you my play room first. His playroom was filled with all sorts of kinky, fetish , BDSM implements but the centrepiece was a huge cage. It must have been 12 feet square. Inside was a bed. “This is where my slaves sl**p overnight” , he told me.

He opened the door to the cage and secured it open with a padlock which attached it to a side wall.
“Tiffany , go inside and “test” the strength of the steel bars and where each wall of the cage meets. I want you to do your best to find if there is a flaw , a weak point or any way of getting out. I have deliberately locked the door open, as I want you to feel safe”
With the cage door open , I was happy to venture inside and spend time testing the security of the cage. It was indeed strong and it was obvious that, once inside, there was no way to escape it.
“Now Tiffany , I am going to lock the door of the cage , but you stay outside of it. When the heavy steel door is locked , I want you to test that too , to see if it can be opened or f***ed in any way”.
I did that and the door was indeed fully secure. I realised that once that door was locked and somebody was inside , there was no way that they could escape.

“Any way”, he said “that is all for when you have got to know me better , for when you have built trust in me and you can experiment with your total captivity fantasies and we can set a time limit if you like , maybe just an hour or two to start , leading to overnight. We will build it up at your pace.”
“Now , let us return to my drawing room and talk some more about your needs and MY needs.

In the drawing room, he fixed me a glass of wine and we began to talk.
I sipped on the wine as we went over our email correspondence in a prelude to what I believed would be “play” time.
After a few minutes, I began to feel a bit strange, it was if I was in the room but not quite in it , if you get what I mean. My head was getting cloudy and I felt very strange, infact , I felt like I was going to pass out.

..........My body was rigid when I started to come around. I could not work out what was going on. It took me a few minutes to work out the memories of what had led up to this moment. I could recall being in the drawing room and feeling rather strange. After that, I could not remember anything. I was confused and anxious. I could not work out why my body was rigid. I could not move my arms or legs and I felt that there was something solid , pressing against my skin , all over my body. When I tried to move my head , that too was rigid and it felt like there was some sort of plastic or resin pressing against my face. My ass was feeling full too , whenever I gripped on my ass sphincter I felt like there was something inside me. All I knew was that I was lying flat on my back and all I could see was a dim light in the ceiling.
“ Ahh Tiffany , I see you are coming back” said Master X. “Tiffany , I have to inform you that I slipped something in to your wine. It caused you to pass out and you have been u*********s for 2 hours now. Let me explain more by just showing you what has happened to you.”
The next thing I know is that I could hear the sound of a small motor , starting up. I could feel my body being raised in to a standing position. I was still rigid as I was lifted.
As I was lifted fully vertically my eyes focussed on a full length mirror that was directly in front of me.

In the mirror I saw my reflection. However , I did not see myself. What I saw was a shop front mannequin, of the hard plastic variety. The mannequin was female , with large breasts and a seductive figure. The mannequin had eye holes and I suddenly realised , as those eyes moved that they were MY eyes. I came to the realisation that I was trapped INSIDE this mannequin.
Master X spoke “Tiffany , you are encased in this mannequin. I have built it exactly to your dimensions but I have super enhanced the breasts and hips. I have also built it so that the limb joints can move and I can place you in to several , convenient positions. Each joint though has a mechanism that I can click in to place , which will make you totally rigid. This is how you are now , totally rigid , unable to move and totally trapped , fully encased and I can tell you now that there is no escape... I have total control over you. “

“I imagine you are wondering what that fullness in your ass is ?. Well , I have inserted a rigid , hollow butt plug up your anus. This means that your ass is permanently gaped and open. Attached to the butt plug is a hose , the hose is used to catch and drain away any waste products that you evacuate. Also , in your genitals I have inserted a catheter. It goes right inside you , in to your bladder. The long catheter tube runs down your leg and exits the mannequin near your foot. Attached to the end of the tube is a collection bag. You see Tiffany , you no longer have control over your toilet functions. Quite simply all body fluids and waste products now run , hygienically , in to collection points , outside of the mannequin. After all , we have to keep you clean inside there , don’t we ?”

My mind was racing, trying to process all of this information , trying to process what had happened to me.

“You see Tiffany , I have been searching for a human doll for many years and when I came across your profile , I knew that I had found the one. I have been carefully planning your , let us call it your a*****ion and captivity , for quite some time now. You need to know and realise Tiffany , that there is NO escape, this is how you will exist from now on and I have many plans for you”.
“I have another surprise for you Tiffany”

Master X turned his back to me and began to remove his latex mask. When it was completely off , he turned to face me. I was horrified to see that it was not the face of the man sent to me in the pictures. It was the face of a man who must have been in his 60’s. He had boils on his face and liver spots and was , to put it bluntly, quite ugly and repulsive.

“I have no fears showing you my face Tiffany , as you will never be able to reveal to anyone who I am. The fact is , you have no escape , you will spend the rest of your life, and of my life, as my captive human doll. There is no way that you will ever have contact with anyone who is not an insider on your predicament , in order to revel my true identity.”

The realisation of the magnitude of this situation was kicking in. I was angry with myself that it was myself who had actually asked for it , in my fantasies , to become a human doll.

“Let me tell you how you are going to spend your days Tiffany”

“Firstly , you are to become a mannequin in the window of my fetish store. You will be dressed daily in the kinkiest of outfits that I have for sale in my shop and you will be displayed , on full view, to the public and shoppers who pass by every day. That mouth piece in your mannequin head is interchangeable. The mouthpiece can be left off , so that there is full access to your lips OR an attachment of a mouth gag can be clipped on instead. When you are the mannequin in my shop window , you will be gagged. No one can hear you through the thick glass of the display window , but , with your mouth gagged , it is just an extra precaution.
The eye parts on your mannequin head are also interchangeable. At the moment , your eye parts are open. You are able to see a limited amount of the world around you and fully comprehend what is going on. When you are in the shop window , on display , the eye parts will have plastic mannequin eyes clipped in to place. They will be semi opaque , you will be able to see out but no-one will be able to see your eyes behind the attachment. You will witness the public staring at you and admiring you in your saucy outfits. You will witness all of the dirty old men who pause for just a bit too long as they gaze upon you , you will know that they would want to fuck any woman who was dressed like that. Nobody will know that you are actually trapped inside there. The joints in your mannequin body are , as I said before , able to be contorted in to many different positions. Some days I will just have you stood upright in the window, some days , when you are wearing the sleaziest and most provocative of garments , I will pose you in far more erotic and inviting positions. Every day you will look like a slut and turn men on who pass by the shop window.
Although I said that the general public will not be aware that you are a living doll , trapped inside that mannequin body in my shop window, I need to tell you that I have a mailing list of hundreds of kinky men who know ALL about your plight and have been sworn to secrecy. Infact ,they are aware of you right now as I have been broadcasting your dilemma on the internet to them , they have watched your transformation process every step of the way so far.

Naturally , they ALL want to meet you Tiffany. They have seen what you look like , in human form and are very turned on by your loveliness. They are now even more turned on though , to see you now as this human doll.

At the end of your “working day” you are to be removed from the shop window. You will be taken to my dungeon playroom and your butt plug, waste collector will be removed. You will then be given a thorough enema. Your mouth gag will be removed to and your luscious lips will be exposed.
You will be placed in an “on all fours” position and locked rigid in to place.

Out of these hundreds of men who subscribe to my internet broadcasts of you , perhaps 20 or 30 per evening will visit the playroom. They are ALL going to want to thoroughly use your mouth and fuck your ass hard. You are to drink EVERY drop of cum that these men produce when they explode when you are sucking them, after all , you need every bit of nutrition that you can get hold of , don’t you Tiffany ???
If they explode up your ass in a condom , then they will remove the cum filled condom and pour the contents down your throat. You ass and mouth are to be used to give unlimited pleasure to ANY man who desires it. You will drink copious amounts of cum , daily , for the rest of your life.

At the end of the evening, I have another slave who will prepare and bring you a meal and fluids to consume. After all , you need proper nutrition as I am expecting you to survive as a captive , human, sex doll for many , many years. I will make A LOT of money off these men , using you as a human sex doll whore. The webcam broadcasts of your use and abuse will also generate income for me.
At the very end of the day , your butt plug waste disposer will be locked back in to place. You will be placed in the inescapable cage in my playroom and laid on the bed , for you to be able to get a full 8hrs sl**p.

Upon waking , you will be supplied with breakfast and fluids and you will be taken back to the shop window, to be placed in a new fetish outfit and your mouth gag and eye pieces re-attached. Your urine and faeces will drain away as you spend another day as shop window doll.
So Tiffany , it looks like you have gotten what you asked for . I believe you said …. an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe to look like a human doll and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

Now wipe your tears away girl , your new life , your new existence as a human sex doll in inescapable bondage begins right now. Let me just fetch clothing and the trolley in order to move you to the shop window.

 And by the way , there are already 40 men booked in to use your mouth and ass this evening.

Enjoy the rest of your existence Tiffany “


***** Tiffanylondontv turned in to a sex slave by Black men ***** 

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen
One of them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about what he wanted me to bewearing when he arrived.
We settled on 4pm and I wasto be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black skirt, red long sleeved button up satin blouse and 5 inch black heels. It was about noon time so I had plenty of time to get myselfready.

Leroy arrived right on time as always.
I greeted him at the door with a hug and kiss and he returned the favour.
We went into the living room where I had a nice bottle of white wine and a cheese and cracker plate on the coffee table.
We sait on the couch together, drank some wine and chatted before he started to
caress my legs and press into me to kiss me.
It was like old high school days making out and Leroy was loving it.
It got kind of hot, me laying back on the couch, Leroy on top of me, kissing me, my legs entangled in his, it was wonderful.

Eventually he started to unbutton my blouse and pulled it off, he pushed me to my feet and pulled off my skirt then pulled me back down on top of him where we continued our kissing, only now he was nibbling on my ears and kissing my neck. I was so turned on and hot.

I was so worked up and started to work my way down his body to give him what I know every man really wants.

As I reached his belt with my kisses he held my shoulders tight and said "wait"….he then pushed me up and had me stand up. He then said he would be right back and went out to his car.
I waited a minute or so before he returned with a bag. He took my hands and said if we were
going to do this we would do it right.

He then pulled out several ropes form the bag and went about binding my wrists behind my back. He then undid by bra and removed it, which was strange because he had never removed it completely before. Then with another rope he wrapped it around my chest and forearms pulling tight making sure that the ropes around my chest went above and below my breast area. Next he
took another rope and worked that behind my back and around the rope that he had put around my arms and chest. Each time he would pull it tighter and tighter. This did two things, it pulled my arms further back, making me helpless and it also pulled the ropes around my chest in so it made my small breasts look larger and it protruded my nipples.

It was amazing to watch that happen and I was loving it.

Another shorter rope he tied to my wrists pulled them up and wrapped it around the ropes at my forearms and then took the two ends and draped them over my shoulders and down to the ropes around my chest where he tied them off.

Next he pulled out this narrow couch table we used to put keys on and positioned it in the
middle of the room before me. He had me stand up really close to it straddling the two legs on the end.
He then went about binding my legs to the legs of the table. Next, he tied a final rope to the ropes he draped across my shoulders and pulled me forward so Iwas laying down on top of the table. He tied off the rope to the end other end of the table so I could not rise up.

There I was, totally helpless and at his mercy. The next thing I know is he is stuffing a ball gag between my lips and telling me to “open wide bitch”…once it was in he buckled it up behind my head. He had pushed the ball in so far and buckled it on so tight that not a single word was coherent, coming from my mouth. Instead, all that could be heard were muffled moans and groans.

You can just visualise me, flat on the table, tied and unable to move and my legs spread wide ,fixed to the legs of the table.

My mouth was gagged and i was already beginning to drool.

At this point he took out his camera phone and took a few pictures, only 3 or 4 at the most.
He then began to make several calls on his cell phone.

As he was making the calls he walked away into the kitchen where I could not hear his conversation.
A few minutes passed before he came back and pulled up a chair next to me.
He kissed my cheek, slapped my ass and sat down and went about telling me I was in for a real
treat. In his words, “You wanted to be a slut so I am going to make you a slut, you are going to become a real Black men’s bitch.”

About 20 min later the door bell rang and Leroy went to answer.
I was freaking out now. What had he done and who could possibly be at the door?

I could hear some hello’s and laughing.
I heard as footsteps came down the hall towards where I was. Next thing I know Leroy is introducing me to three other Black guys and to be honest, I don’t think I ever was told their names. 

At first, they were a bit taken aback that Leroy had a transvestite like me in captivity. It is very taboo within their culture, to say the least.
They were sensible though and though “what the fuck , a hole is a hole, lets just stay and see what develops, lets keep an open mind”.

They rubbed my butt and ran their hands across myback. One was talking about me, but not to me, about what a sexy bitch I was and was thanking Leroy for inviting him over to break in his slut.

At some point I felt the cold lube being squeezed on to my ass ring a couple of fingers probing and spreading inside my ass. One guy yelled "she is gonna become the perfect anal slut!"


Then it started, Leroy was first. I know this because one of the guys said something like, “She is your find Leroy, you first mate!”

I could feel Leroy’s hard cock press at my rosebud. Then he leaned hard into me and pushed forward.

I winced a little and he held where he was for a moment before pushing forward more. A couple
more thrusts and he was all the way in, his big black cock inside my tight ass and I was breathing heavily and drooling around the ball gag.

Leroy started to pump in and out as the other three Black guys encouraged him and taunted me by telling me I was just a fuck hole slave who's purpose in life was to exist only to pleasure Black cock and to be used like a street whore.
Soon one of them I guess got too worked up just watching so he freed his hard, black cock from his pants, unbuckled the ball gag, popped it out of my mouth and replaced it with his throbbing hard cock. He told me to make sure I did not bite him or he would beat my ass till it was bloody
red. Needless to say I was very careful. I could not move as he violently throat fucked me whilst Leroy piston fucked my ass. 

Leroy, I could tell, was ready to explode. He went all ridged and his pumping slowed and he held my hips really tight and was grunting…well, I was grunting too actually, the throat fucking was producing tons of spittle which was only helping to make my mouth more lubricated so Leroys friends cock went down further.
Leroy pulled away and then another guy just stepped behind me and took his place…just about the time this new guy got a rhythm going the one in my mouth shot his load.
He was holding my head tight, grabbing me by the hair and yelling at me to "swallow bitch, don’t lose a drop, today you are going to be filled with Black cum."

He bust his nut down my throat and then withdrew from my mouth and I found standing there, in his place, Leroy.

Leroy said, "my cock has been up your ass, clean it cunt”…so I took him into my mouth and cleaned his cock. Soon Leroy was cumming down my throat as the other guy in my ass was losing it and was making his own deposit. He slowed then stopped and then backed out and flopped down in a chair.
Next, the fourth guy entered me, he was bigger than the other three, i am glad that he had waited until last, as he really stretched my hole. He was so excited by the previous action that he came within just a few thrusts.

They all seemed to be really satisfied. Leroy slapped my ass and thanked me for being such an obedient whore they all collapsed on the couch and switched on the TV. 

It was a Saturday and now about 6pm or so. They put on a football game, replaced the ball gag in my mouth and were sat around chilling and enjoying the game. They'd helped themselves to beers from my fridge and were talking as I lay there all bound and helpless with cum all over my nose and chin.
They were talking about this crazy shit about using a tgirl and came to the conclusion that whilst their wives and girlfriends were not giving them all the sex they needed , that this sexy , compliant tgirl would be a very good alternative to use on a regular basis. After all ,
she had a hot mouth and ass was tighter than pussy, right? Right!

I was kind of dozing when Leroy touched my shoulder and offered me a drink of water which I welcomed.
He smiled at me and patted my head telling me I was a good girl and he knew I would be even a better girl by morning. He then stood up, undid his pants and flopped out his cock for me and ordered me to kiss it….I did. I was untied from the table and taken to the bedroom
and secured to the bed corners, by rope. At the same time the other three guys came in and
one said “Round Two, I am first this time” and before long, there I was, getting fucked in my ass and sucking off Leroy. They would switch up. At one point, I was untied and the guy with the largest cock sat on the edge of the bed.

Leroy picked me up and dropped me on to his cock.

Then Leroy pulled my legs up high, leaned me in to the other guy and then placed his cock at the entrance to my ass.

"Take a deep breath and try to relax slut", said Leroy.

Before i knew it, Leroy was using pressure and was gliding his cock in to me.

I now had 2 big , black cocks in my ass!

One of the other guys stood on the bed , so my face was at his crotch level. He grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me. I now had 3 big black cocks inside me,2 in my ass, and 1 in my mouth. The fourth guy started taking pictures with his camera phone.

When they had all cum, i was re-tied, gagged and left there until around 2:00am when Leroy
untied me. By then they had used me as a fuck toy four or five times.

When I got untied Leroy had just let them out to go home.
Leroy got me a drink and some crackers. It took about a half hour or so before I was
able to really stand and walk on my own.
Leroy kissed me deeply and told me I was the best bitch he ever spent an
evening with and asked me if i wanted to carry on living the role of a Black mens slut.

I said "yes Sir, thank You Sir".

To be honest, I don’t even remember him leaving me that night. All I know is that I slept till past noon that day and was pretty darn sore the rest of the weekend.

Leroy's three friends spread the word around the gym, to all the local guys, showed them the pictures, telling them that i was a loose, hot bitch. Again , to begin with they couldn’t quite get their head around the notion of using a tgirl like me. After seeing the pictures though very soon, dozens of guys were almost knocking down Leroy's door asking him if they could use his bitch.

Leroy put a plan into action. EVERY Saturday or Sunday, whenever there was a match on cable television, i was to make sure that i was at home, dressed like a slut and that my apartment
had a good stock of beers. I was to open the door and welcome any man inside who wanted to come in. Every weekend, i had between 6 and a dozen black men in my apartment to watch the game. Naturally, the game was just a diversion, as i was to stay in my bedroom, lubed and ready to service any guy who cared to come in.
My place soon became known as THE place to go. Married guys could tell their wives that they were going to the pub, to meet up with their mates, to watch the football in the bar on the big screen.
All the time, they were coming to my apartment and using me like
a whore. Soon , the entire town population of Black men knew about the free beers, football and willing holes of this tgirl slut. They kept it secret from their wives and girlfriends.

Some of the guys had more depraved and sick ideas on how to treat sluts. Some trained me to recycle their beers by using my mouth as an urinal. Others would take a dump during the match break and conveniently run out of toilet paper , so , my tongue was put to use. Others liked to stuff their empty beer bottle up my ass. Others like to stuff their hand up my arse, so they no longer had use of their hand and was made to sit on their lap , feeding them their beers then dropping to suck their dick. 

I have now truly become a Black Men’s sex slave , cum dump and plaything. The entire town of Black men come and avail themselves of my servitude at weekends. 

As I write this , alone in my bedroom, under orders from Leroy, he and the guys are in the other room discussing the finer points of renting a room in the nearest CITY. There are 10 times the number of Black men there. They figure that waiting until the weekends is not enough for them , or me. They intend to chain me in the city room, smash the lock on the door and make my room a “walk-in” venue for Black men to use me day and night, at their leisure , whenever they are in need.


Make my fantasy come true? Make me that sex slave ?





***** The Toilet training of tiffanylondontv *****

i am dressed in black pvc basque, black pvc panties, black fully fashioned nylon stockings and black patent 4" heels.

i am lying under my customised rim seat in my playroom. A rimseat is a free standing toilet seat, on legs, the legs are just 12" tall.

My face is directly below the toilet seat as i watch Jays hairy ass hole lower down onto the seat.

His hole is right above my pillar box red painted lips and i slowly begin to lick and massage his hole with my tongue.

Like most men, Jay has never thought of his ass hole as an erogenous zone before and for him his ass hole is strictly "no entry". He is amazed and excited though to find that the lapping and sucking on his ass hole provides immense pleasure, he had no idea before that it would feel this good. He has been tightening his hole, gripping it nervously because he did not know what to expect. He has, however, now begun to feel the full pleasure of a girls tongue on his sensitive ass lips and begins to relax as i tongue and suck more strongly and his feelings of pleasure intensify. His cock has grown full and hard with the erotic sensations.

Jay honestly admitted that he doesn't himself like the thought or smell of shit, he is a clean cut guy and has before now seen shit as something really dirty and to be avoided.

i have provided him with a mask, which covers his mouth and nose. The mask is scented with my favourite perfume and all he can smell is the sweetness of my favourite fragrance. i have given him latex gloves, which he is wearing, so that he need not get his hands dirty.

As Jay relaxes more and more, i probe more and more. Inside Jays arse i can feel the bottom of a turd with my sensitive tongue.

Jay only needs to give just a little push as my mouth is stretched wide open and his turd slips gently into my mouth.

i keep the turd there as Jay raises himself off the rim seat, stands back and takes a look at the dirty slut with his log in her mouth.

Jay had not realised what a turn on it would be , to see his fat turd gracing the mouth and lips of such a sweet little slut. He has surprised himself , once again, and vows to try all kinds of kinky activities in the future.

Jay takes a dinner plate that i have provided and orders me to stand and gently expel his turd onto the plate. He then expels the rest of the turds in his arse on to the dinner plate.

He swiftly moves me onto my bondage frame. i am kneeling on the floor. There is a bar behind my neck running horizontally. It is part of a frame which fills the room. Attached to the bar is a neck collar and wrist straps. He puts my neck into position. He secures the straps around my neck. Now, he pulls my wrist into the restraint straps either side of the neck restraint.

i am now secured, unable to move or escape, my mouth is at the level of his pulsating cock.

"Now you dirty , hungry girl" , Andy says, "you are about to enjoy a dinner of shit and cum".

Jay takes the dinner plate, which his turds are sitting on, and drops his throbbing cock into the mess. He coats his cock in the steaming shit that he has produced just minutes before.

"Now bitch, you know how i hate to be dirty, start cleaning!".

Jay controls his cock going in and out of my mouth. My tongue and mouth lap on his cock, cleaning the shit from it, the smell of Jays turd filling my nostrils whilst Jay only smells only the sweet smell of my perfume inside the mask he is wearing.

When his cock is cleaned Jay returns to the plate, which still has a large quantity of his shit still on it.

Jay gets his gloved hands into the shit and start painting my face with his excrement.

He steps back, he had no idea that the sight of a tgirl, smeared in his shit would look so good. So dirty, so horny.

"I can see that you are beginning to become a good little toilet, slut!". Jay reaches for the digital camera, " I am going to get a few pictures of this you dirty bitch, i am going to post the pictures on the internet and i am going to charge guys good money to come and use you as a toilet. I think i have found a way to make a good income out of you,  you dirty whore".

After taking a satisfying amount of photographs, Jay returns to the plate. This time he smears his cock much more thickly, even puts a chunky piece right onto the sensitive head of his cock.

"GET TO IT SLUT! Make my cock clean, lick, taste and swallow all of that shit off my cock, you are giving me enormous pleasure as you clean my cock and suck on it at the same time. Go easy though, i don't want to cum yet - i am not going to cum until all of that shit on the dinner plate has been consumed by you, and i PROMISE you , you are not going to be released until it has."

Jay continues to make me clean his shit covered cock, licking, tonguing and swallowing every scrap of sticky turd rubbed into his shaft. After each cleaning, he smears his cock with more and we start the whole process again. At one point Jay is close to cumming, so , he pulls out and takes a dinner spoon. He loads the spoon with shit and starts to spoon feed me his turds.

"Be grateful bitch, we men spend hours producing this shit through our system just for dirty bitches like you to enjoy. It is my gift to you. Never loose sight of how lucky you are to be receiving the gift of a real mans shit" 

Jay takes a camera out and takes pictures of me eating his turds.

Jay takes the last traces of shit from the dinner plate and covers his cock again. "Now you are going to get some desert to round off your main course slut!" Jay has managed to control his orgasm for so long but now he knows he needs to release. The sight and sensations of this dirty slut, covered in , liking and loving his turd has been mind blowing and now he wants to blow his cock. As i continue to suck hard on his turd covered cock, my mouth and neck unable to move due to the restraints, Jay thrusts in and out of my mouth, my wrists secured beside me as i am unable to stop the relentless fucking of my throat. Jay lets out a loud groan as his cock swells, his balls tighten and he lets loose strong, spurting, globules of cum into my throat.

He hold himself in place after he has cum, letting his cock go placid.

"Now girl, i have had the pleasure of serving you dinner of shit , desert of cum and, it would be rude of me not to finish it off with a nice glass of wine". Jay relaxes and begins to ease the pressure in his bladder. He slowly and steadily he allows a stream of piss to flow. "Careful girl, don't waste a drop" he says, as he continues to piss down my throat.

Jay is content. His bowels, bladder and testicles are now empty, consumed by his new , little toilet slave.

"Now slave, i am going to leave you locked in that position whilst i take a shower".

Jay is surprised to notice in the bathroom that he is still clean and quite fresh. He removes the face mask - all he has smelt during the entire time is his bitches' perfume. He removes the latex gloves, his hands are clean and don't smell of anything. He jumps in the shower and lathers up his cock, to remove any trace of smell from his penis.

He returns from the shower to find me still in the a same position , unable to move from the binds around my neck and wrists.

"I am afraid that you are going to be in that position for a little while longer slut", he says, "I am just going to edit these pictures on your computer and post them in a chat room. My hope is to find a guy within the next hour who is gonna pay me beer money to come and use you as a toilet whilst i look on and enjoy the spectacle. Naturally, i am going to photograph and film it - i can see you being a good source of revenue for me , you filthy whore. I am going to come to your house every morning, i am going to build a website displaying you as a toilet slave, sell your toilet duties and sell the photos and videos of you eating shit after shit. Naturally, when i am here, i will have dispensed with the porcelain toilet at my home and will, from now on, use your mouth alone for all of my pissing and dumps. Yes slut, you will become a good, lucrative toilet slave for me, in return, i might even let the guys fuck you in the arse as well, I might even get some more money from that".


All Stories by tiffanylondontv , www.bitch4black.com

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